Facebook Saved Collections

The Problem

News Feed content is ephemeral. People are flooded with new content constantly. Aside from posts from friends and family, News Feed is designed to surface other content that is of interest to users. This includes long form content such as links to articles and videos.

Often, people intend to read these articles, for example, but don’t have time to do so in the moment. There is also no easy way to get back to it.

Research also showed people wanted to collect content into folders and invite friends to contribute to their collections.

The Solution
The ability to bookmark / save content on Facebook has been around for many years. The "collections" aspect of it is a new product which our team brought to life.

With Saved Collections, people can organize almost any type of content they run across on Facebook into folders to access at a later time.

After the Collections product was released, we introduced Collaborative Collections; a product which lets you invite friends to your collections. A useful feature when working on things such as shared projects, planning a wedding, or shopping for products in your home.

The Challenge We Faced
At Facebook, the organization tends to be structured based on specific products. For example, there is a dedicated team working on video and a different team working on Pages, etc.

The Saved Collections product allows people to save many different types of content. Enabling this functionality required heavy collaboration with teams across the company.

Facebook users were generally aware that content could be saved, However in research we identified that the vast majority didn't know how to find it again later.

We introduced several features that raised awareness of how to access content after it had been saved, and increased entry points to this surface across the Facebook app.

My Role
The Save feature already existed when I joined the team. I worked closely with a group of researchers, engineers, a content strategist, a data scientist and product manager to roll out the collections product around the world. The initial version of the Collections product was designed by Brendon Manwaring.

I designed the Collaborative Collections product from scratch, which enables people to invite their friends to their lists where they could save content together. I also introduced a new design system to the Saved product across the Facebook app.

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